• Matthew Smith, United States

  • I am a designer at heart with roots in studio art. I'm obsessed with designing meaningful experiences for customers in products both small and huge. It's getting these experiences to result in actual revenue growth and business impact where I find my sweet spot. My professional career spans design work for companies like The Gates Foundation, U.S. Postal Service, Fox, MIT, and Seth Godin. I have led creative for world class startups, founded one of the most respected co-working locations in the country, and launched the yearly Grok event that attracts hundreds of top-tier talent from around the world. Most recently I was the Chief Creative Officer at Relay Foods, and Creative Director at Zaarly. I'm known to speak internationally, shoot photography, and invent things now and then. Specialties: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Web Design, Interface Design, Data Design, Application Design, Information Design, Design, Business, Entrepreneurship, Experience Design, Advising.
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